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Niles MRC 6430


Auriel™ is the simplest way to integrate the smart home control you use most – lighting and climate – into the home audio and entertainment system. Plus, the built-in music streaming makes it easier than ever to fill the home with music and entertainment.

The MRC-6430 chassis simplifies it all with expandable seven-source, six-zone audio control, running the  Auriel™ 2.1 software. Built on the ELAN Control Platform, Auriel is easy for users to learn, and the Auriel Wizard makes it easy to install and configure, eliminating hours of complicated programming common in other systems by automatically configuring macros and user interfaces in just minutes.

Control up to 24 lighting loads from the Auriel interface. Scene control is supported for select systems.

Set unique schedules and remotely control up to three wireless thermostats all from the Auriel interface.

At the heart of the Auriel system is the Niles MRC-6430 multi-room audio and home controller. The MRC-6430 distributes up to seven audio sources (including the internal stream) to up to six zones. Its source control provides for two-way metadata, IP and IR control of a variety of popular devices.

For home theater, Auriel lets users manage audio and video components using a handheld remote or mobile devices. And of course, the MRC-6430 controller enables lighting and climate for a truly seamless performance.

The Auriel ecosystem centers around the MRC-6430 controller, accessed through the Auriel App on Apple and Android phones and tablets, plus dedicated Niles keypads and remotes.